Here are some of the testimonials, comments and feedback we’ve received from our customers.

[Begin Block]Dear George

I have been buying Robbie’s since I last spoke to you and now on my 3rd bag. The transformation has been absolutely fantastic.

My dogs coats are already much more shiny, they so look forward to their food now and all bowls are licked clean, even the fussy dogs finishes every scrap, within a week the change was unbelievable. Poos are perfectly normal now.

The food smells so lovely and every time I open the food bin the fresh smell of herbs come out. It is so easy to prepare and am also saving money as totally stopped using tinned food (my dogs would not eat dry kibble on its own).

Another thing I noticed was that some of my ‘fatter’ dogs have actually lost weight.

This is truly the best food in years and years and I am recommending it to everyone.

Oh yes, meant also to say that I have tried every dog food on the market and up to now, for about 3-4 years have been using *****, so I am quite experienced on the different types so therefore I am not being ‘airy fairy’ ref your food as I have never ever come across a food like this which had such instant results.

Thanks again for putting such a wonderful food on the market.

Keep up the good work George, think I might try some myself for my tea!!!! ha ha well if its good enough for my dogs….

Best regards,

animal connexions[End Block]


Since switching over to Robbies’ recently the difference in them is phenomenal!

I was feeding them what I considered to be a very good quality dry food, so I am really amazed at the extra energy and spark they have since switching over to Robbies!

Boo had slowed down a good bit in the last year but the last few mornings she has actually over-taken Amber in their daily sprint up the forest path!

Even my Dad is remarking on how much more spark they both have. I’m really delighted. Just goes to show even the “premium” food brands don’t necessarily cut the mustard.

I also notice their coats have an extra gleam. They love the food and lick the bowls clean morning and evening.
One other thing of note – the girls’ poos are tiny now – they are literally half the size they were on – – – – -. So that 50% extra poo must have been fillers… ew!

So happy wags and doggy licks from three satisfied customers.

Aisling, Boo and Amber РCo. Limerick.  Ireland


[Begin Block]I am one of your customers and believe that it was an article of yours that I am referring to.

Prior to Christmas I read an article on what to not feed dogs over the festive period – I am convinced that this information has saved my dog’s life. I read that pork and turkey build up toxins: I have given Sophie a slice of ham, containing her medication, every morning for approx four years.

With her advancing age, various ailments and skin lesions, she was a very poorly old lady – gutsy and strong willed, but nevertheless in a condition that an understanding vet, in consultation with myself, took the decision to let nature take it’s course.

This happening just prior to Christmas – I stopped the ham and replaced the commercial chew sticks with apple and banana, and gave masses of love and attention – and waited for the inevitable.
Well, I am still waiting,

She has gone from strength to strength, appetite improved, skin in great condition, glossy coat, gained strength in voice and body muscle and actually wants to out for her walks again – and can walk for 20 – 30 minutes – slowly with lots of stops for sniffs but with such an enthusiasm for being out.
I thank you for your knowledge – and for sharing it.

With love and blessings,

Pat Sutton – and a healthier Sophie[End Block]

We just want to let you know that both our hounds have done well on your Luath’s Holistic Nutrition. Our female Hungarian sight hound is a very fussy eater and we have always had to add tempters to her other dry food, but with yours she demolishes it and eats every single kibble.

We also notice that what comes out of the other end is quite healthy and conclude that the ingredients are nutritious, healthy and very fresh.

David & Valentyna Robertson – Inverness

[Begin Block]Our Airedale Terrier has always been an incredibly fussy eater – often just leaving her food all day and she never seemed bothered about mealtimes. We started her on Luath’s Chicken and she has changed completely. Now she sits by her bowl around feeding time – even comes up and stares at us if we are a little late. She eats every last chunk and then goes back to her bowl to look for more. That is not the only benefit. She suffered every year from seasonal alopecia. This year’s hair loss had already started when we switched to this food – within a few of weeks the hair started to grow back. Her coat is generally in much better condition and has even grown back on two rough patches on her ‘elbows’ which have been there since she was a pup.

Martine Cherry – Spain[End Block]