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Land of Holistic Pets offers three ranges of holistic natural dog food and one Grain-Free Cat Food, including Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine and Luaths Holistic Nutrition. Our natural food range contains an optimal balance of all essential nutrients by uniquely combining high-quality grains with protein, vegetables, and herbs for overall health and easy digestion. For more information on our range of healthy food for dogs and cats, check out our products below. Give us a call at, 0845 373 4122.

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Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine

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Land of Holistic Grain Free Kibble’s

Land Of Holistic Wet Foods (grain free)

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A dehydrated dog food for all life stages of dogs using natural ingredients >

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Luath’s Holistic Nutrition

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A complete natural dog food >

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Only the best ingredients go in our dog foods

Our natural dog food contains an optimal balance of all essential nutrients by uniquely combining high quality grains with protein, vegetables and herbs for  overall health and easy digestion.

Nutritionally balanced recipes for optimum health.

oats in a bowl

The oats help support not only the digestive system but the nervous system and because of their high silicon content they and the brown rice (where used), provide the conditions for optimum health of the major organs.

You are what you eat applies to dogs too!

Spinach, Green Beans, Carrots, Brown Rice, Oats. Spirulina, and Seaweed are loaded with antioxidants which support the  immune system.

These ingredients also contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and radiant coat.

Equally important is what we leave out.

Excess fat, low quality fibres like Sugar Beet pulp which are very low in silicon, synthetic colours, artificial flavours and preservatives.  None of the harmful, gluten grains like corn, wheat, barley or rye.

Completely holistic natural dog food.

Our natural dog food provides precisely balanced nutrition to maintain lean muscle and promote digestive health.

Holistic_Certification_labelAll Land of Holistic Pet Products are certified ‘Holistic’ by the British Association Of Holistic Nutrition and Medicine.

Not tested on animals.

None of our dog food or the ingredients have been tested on animals.

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