Spearmint Equine Supplement for Horses Appetite

£ 7.99 GBP

Spearmint  –  Mentha spicata. 

Mint is an excellent digestive aid which is well loved by horses and great for fussy eaters.

It is useful  as an appetiser to encourage horses to eat and can be particularly helpful when adding
new supplements to a feed or when changing over to a new diet.

  • Add to daily feed to help support the digestive system.
  • Ideal for fussy eaters.
  • Good for the digestive and respiratory tract.
  • For digestion it helps with spasms, cramps and gas.
  • Helps stimulate appetite.
  • Healthy, nutritious, safe, effective.

Feeding guidelines: feed 15-20 g for average 500 kg horse daily.

Human grade Herbs used in this product.

All herbs have been laboratory tested for identification and compliance to the British and European Pharmacopoeia standards.

Pack size and availability: Progressive Earth Ltd Spearmint equine feed supplement is available in clear sealed packs containing 1 Kg of product.
Multiple purchase options are available.