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The skin is an organ & one of your dog’s most important!

Now you can support your dog’s skin & coat with this skin & coat powder to help keep the coat in top condition, containing fenugreek seed, a combination of seaweeds & micronised flax seed, as well as pre & probiotics. 

They contain a mix of carbohydrates, protein, thiamine & dietary fibres, as well as several vitamins.

Seaweed is a rich source of iodine, as well as vitamin K, B vitamins, zinc & iron. beneficial to dogs with arthritis, upset stomach, and/or digestive problems, circulation, heart, immune & nervous systems, help control intestinal hygiene,

Flaxseeds can aid in constipation relief, help increase the quality of their coat and skin, and aid in a healthy immune system.  Fennel has been found to help calm the muscles 

How to use:

Dogs 9kg & under, 1 teaspoon with food or plain yogurt.
Dogs 10kg & over, 2 teaspoons with food or plain yogurt.
For best results take daily.

Not to be used for the treatment of any illness. Always consult a vet if you think your dog is ill or in pain.

Smell, consistency & colour will change batch to batch. There is nothing to worry about if this one looks a little different to your last one or the one stood next to it. We only use natural, raw, fresh ingredients so they change smell & colour season to season & because we hand make everything in small batches in the UK very few bottles will be the same.


A Combination of Seaweed, Micronised Flax Seed, Fenugreek seed, Pre & Probiotic’s, plus Enzymes.

• No Palm Oil • No Chemicals • No Nasty Stuff •

Size ~ 250ml (1 – 2 months supply)

Handcrafted in the UK