Robbie's Holistic Brown Rice and Egg - Low Phosphorus (Kidney Support)

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Robbie’s Brown Rice With Egg, a low phosphorus dog food which is hypoallergenic and gluten-free,  dehydrated, perfect dog food for kidney failure, kidney problems or to treat pancreatitis in dogs

This is an ideal food for  dogs which are fussy eaters or those that require low phosphorous in their diet. Like many of the other Robbie’s dehydrated dog foods, owners remark on how much their dogs look forward to their meal once they smell the food after it has been covered with hot water. Using Egg as the main protein source and which is naturally low in phosphorus is great for dogs which require the correct food to help the kidneys function in a more normal manner.

Ingredients:  Dehydrated brown rice, dried egg powder, dried lamb meal, seaweed, vitamins and minerals, dehydrated green beans,  dehydrated carrots, sage, mint, thyme, oregano, parsley.


Protein: 19.7%, Fat/Oil: 7.5% Fibre: 1.24% Phosphorous: 0.47%


Simply add the serving amount for your dog into their bowl and cover with hot water. Allow to cool and stir thoroughly, ensuring there are no hot spots. We don’t want any burnt tongues!

Robbie's/Luath's Adult Feeding Guide
Weight (kg) Grams Per Day
5-10 50 - 150
15 - 20 150 - 200
20 - 30 200 - 300
30 - 40 300 - 400
45+ 450+

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