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We believe that your furry companion deserves only the best, which is why we recommend an all-natural holistic puppy food, packed full of all the nutritious ingredients your growing puppy needs. Treat your puppy to a delicious meal they can really enjoy, they will be licking their lips!

Robbie’s Cuisine is an all-natural, dehydrated complete premium affordable puppy food ideal for supporting healthy growth in puppies. Only the finest ingredients are selected for our dog food, making it an ideal choice for your dog. With irresistible flavours of chicken, lamb, rice and vegetables you will be tempted to try some too as well being able to see all the ingredients that you are feeding your dog. If your dog is suffering from any allergies, skin problems or digestive issues a switch to Robbie’s will aid in significantly improving and treating the issue.

Why feed a premium food like Robbie’s Puppy Food?

Puppies grow at an alarming rate and it is very important that the growth is not accelerated by diets too high in protein, fat or vitamins and minerals. High protein puppy foods may act like a fertiliser on the muscles, forcing growth of the muscle mass beyond the capability of the skeletal system leading to long term joint problems. The combination of easily digested whole foods, proteins and vegetables make Robbie’s Puppy Food the ideal choice in today’s world of highly processed commercial diets. We have found that it pays in the long run feeding your dog a good quality food from the beginning, preventing many vet bills and medication for health issues connected with a poor diet. This is why we believe feeding your dog a holistic healthy food is one of the kindest things you can do for them.

Just like baby food, we have changed the format of our vegetables for easy chewing and eating, carrots are granulated rather than flaked, the peas are powdered and we use spinach flakes and broccoli florets – all for the long term benefit of your pup. Your puppy is going to be your best friend and companion so treat them with love and feed them Robbie’s.

Along with Robbie’s Puppy Food we have several other carefully prepared dog foods and a range of dietary supplements. All our food’s and supplement’s, even treat’s, are intended to be part of a genuine holistic lifestyle.



Simply add the serving amount for your dog into their bowl and cover with hot water. Allow to cool and stir thoroughly, ensuring there are no hot spots. We don’t want any burnt tongues!

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