Natural Worm Defence Herbal Strips

£ 3.40 GBP

Worm Defence Herb Strips 100g 

All Natural Herbal & Meat Intestinal Flora Healthy Treat to natural remedies to keep their dog healthy and worm-free with out the use of pharmaceuticals and prescription drugs. Our herbal and turkey stripes effectively help eliminate the many different types of worms that can effect your dog's intestines

  • Our WormDefence Turkey Herb-Bites have a length of approx. 15cm.


Our WormDefence Turkey Herb-Strips are gluten-free, without chemicals and preservatives.

Ingredients: 96% Turkey, 4% Herbs (rose hip peels, caraway, coconut, thyme, pumpkin seeds, fennel, ginger root, walnut leaves, elm bark, camomile, yarrow)

Nutritional content (subjected to natural fluctuations): raw protein 52,3%, raw fat 24,5%, raw ash 5,1%, raw fibre 2,4%.