Mixed Box - 24 x 560g (13.44kg)

£ 35.00 GBP

A Mixed box comprising of 24 packs (for the price of 20 Packs) of a mix from our whole range including Mince & Bone, 80/10/10's and 80/20's from the following flavours;  

 2x Chicken Mince


2x Chicken & Beef

2x Duck Mince

2x Chicken & Tripe

2x Beef & Tripe

2x Pure Green Beef Tripe

4x Chicken 80/10/10

4x Beef 80/10/10

2 xLamb 80/10/10

 2 xDuck 80/10/10

See individual Listings for Composition and Analytical Constituents

Feeding Guide: 

Feed 2-3% of the adult dogs body weight per day.  Keep frozen until required.  Defrost in the fridge overnight and use within 48hrs of defrosting.

Always wash your hands after handling raw meat.

APHA Approval Number: 48/609/8102/ABP/PTF

Feed Regs Approval Number: GB249E10138