Just Natural Chicken, Beef and Offal Complete

£ 20.00 GBP

Just Natural Chicken & Beef Complete

20 x 454g Packs

80/10/10 Complete

Single packs available for collection from our Livingston warehouse

Bone Content: 10% Bone
Ingredients: Chicken 40%, Beef 40%, Offal 10%

Typical Analysis: Protein 18%, Ash 2%, Bone 10%, Fat 17%, Calcium 11%, Moisture 63%

The Just Natural range of mixes has a chunky texture. 

Just Natural is one the most outstanding manufacturing units we have ever visited. Based in Scotland. An extensive range of raw foods, which all meet stringent manufacturing quality and veterinary standards. Their reputation is second to none. All raw materials are human grade, sourced from EEC approved abattoirs and cutting plants. All Just Natural products are produced from exactly the same high quality human grade meats and poultry and were developed after extensive feed testing.

Fully defrost the product in the fridge overnight or a cool place, before serving. Just Natural is not complete dog food which we would recommend adding meat-free supplement mixers containing herbs & Supplements to ensure your dog receives a complete balanced daily meal. Our Robbie’s Cuisine grain & meat free raw dog food mixer is the ideal BARF diet supplement.

Store at -18c, keep frozen until use. Once defrosted, please keep refrigerated and use within 24 hours. Please ensure that you follow normal hygiene rules for preparing raw meat products; always wash your hands and preparation area after dealing with raw meat.

This is a raw Dog Food product and not for human consumption.