Herbal Natural Remedies For Kidney Stones In Dogs

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Kidney Stones in Dogs - Stone Solve

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Herbal natural remedies for kidney stones in dogs are formed when urine pH levels, or other chemical factors, cause the minerals to bind and form crystals, which in turn build upon each other to create solid structures- ÒstonesÓ, also known as uroliths. Uroliths are most likely to occur in the dog's bladder, but they sometimes form in the kidneys.

Cornsilk is a gentle diuretic and demulcent that lubricates (with sticky substance), soothes and protects internal mucus membrane or skin. It does not have the harsh volatile oils of other diuretics; and it doesnÕt irritate the kidneys. Dandelion leaf and Horsetail are approved in Germany as part of therapy of people with urinary track infections (UTIÕs) , they also reinforce each others diuretic ( increases dogs urine production) action. HorsetailÊ is excellent for braking down small organisms whichÊÊmake it especially useful for urinary stones. These herbs appear to work by increasing urinary volume and helping to flush bacteria out of the urinary tract. Lysimachia is Chinese herbal star in the formula for theÊbreaking up of stones. Used in several Chinese patentedÊformulas for the relief of both gallstones as well as urinary stones. In Chinese health approaches Êit is not at all uncommon that Òdamp clearingÓ herbs that dissolve stones of the urinary tract are also effective for the gallbladder. INGREDIENTS:Ê Cornsilk, horsetail herb, dandelion leaf, buchu leaf, moutan, lysimachia, alisma root, stevia leaf.