Eyebright for Dogs Eye Infection Remedy

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Eye Problems in Dogs

Does your dog have an eye problem? Try out our Eyebright for dogs eye infection remedy.

Bilberries, a fruit long used for its power to improve sight. Postwar studies confirmed the use of Bilberries to improve glare recovery time and night sight. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the potent Lycii, Schisandra, and Cornus berries are used for the same purpose. These berries have a large amount of easily assimilable carotene that transforms into a chemical that nourishes the rods projecting into the pigment layer of the retina. Chrysanthemum has long been used to clear heat and irritation from the eyes. Vision is dependent on the quality and circulation of blood to the eyes, thus ginkgo is used. Research shows that Gingko improvesÊmicrovascular circulation of blood. Lycium, Chrysanthemum & Rehmannia formula is used to improve the quality of the blood and ÒLiver yin and blood.Ó Other pattern symptoms suggestive of this formula include dry coat, clumping fur, fear, andÊaggression. INGREDIENTS:Ê Rehmannia root, dioscorea rhizome, alismaÊrhizome, cornus fruit, moutan root, bupleurum root, poriaÊsclerotium (hoelen), dong quai root, lycii fruit, chrysanthemum flower, eyebright herb, bilberry leaf and fruit, nettles herb,Êschisandra fruit, ginkgo leaf, stevia leaf.

When to Use

Allergies,ÊInfection,ÊKerato conjunctivitis sicca KCS,ÊGlaucoma,ÊConjunctivitis,ÊDry, red eyes,ÊEye inflammation,ÊNight blindness,ÊWatery eyes, ÊRetinitis/pigmentosa.ÊMacular degeneration, ÊCataracts,ÊChronic eye conditions,ÊDiminished visual acuity