Astragalus Ligustrum For Dogs

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Herbal nourishment for the immune system. Many similar tonic formulas use 'heating' herbs like Ginseng that tend to be too warming for animals. This formula is designed to support immunity while avoiding overheating and is very safe for long-term use. In China, Ligustrum is often combined with Astragalus to support the immune system . Astragalus, Eleuthero, and SchizandraÕs have demonstrated their immune and energy building qualities. Fu Zheng herbs of modern China (Fu means fortify, Zheng refers to constitution) has extensively explored herbs that support the bodyÕs resistance and innate strength Ingredients Astragalus - Ligustrum - Chinese privetÊimproves appetite, supports digestion,Êstomach ulcers, chronic bowel problems, Êsore mouths and throats. Schizandra -Êresist infections, increase skin health, and combat insomnia, coughing, and thirst Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng) - SupportsÊbone marrow suppressionÊcaused byÊchemotherapyÊor radiation,Êangina and poor appetite Codonopsis - Regulates gastrointestinal system, Êenhance immunity, support the respiratory system, delays aging, and fights radiation White atractylodes - Strengthens the body, boost immune function, regulates stomach and digestive functions, Induces urination and relieves body fluid accumulations poria -Êincreased excretion of sodium, potassium, chloride was found in dogs when combined with other herbs increased excretion of sodium, potassium, chloride was found in dogs. Tangerine peel - supportsÊlung, stomach, and spleen. Licorice - Has many uses in terms of dogs health Stevia leaf - a natural sweetner