Frozen Sprats

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Frozen Sprats 1kg

Our fresh frozen raw sprats are individually frozen to take the hassle out of defrosting and packed in resealable clear bags for ease of use and covenant. Easy to separated no need to defrost the whole packet at once! store in your fridge and use with in 4 to 5 days from defrosting

Feeding you dog sprats helps boost and maintain healthy heart function. Improved coat & skin improving dogs which suffer itchy skin conditions.

  • High in Omega-3 - These essential fatty acids are not naturally produced by dogs, so adding sprats to their diet will help to guarantee they're getting the nutrients they need

  • Heart health - Whether your dog or cat suffers from heart issues or not, sprats will help to boost and maintain healthy heart function

  • Improved coat & skin - Dogs that are fed sprats a few times a week boast glossy coats and often find that itchy skin conditions are minimised

  • Reduced anxiety & hyperactivity - The Omega-3 in sprats helps to keep dogs and cats calmer and more focused

  • Regulate allergies - Omega-3 also helps dogs and cats to regulate any allergens they may be sensitive to

  • Arthritis relief - Feeding sprats can help to reduce inflammation and relieve the painful symptoms of arthritis in cats and dogs

Recommending feeding guide adding 2 or 3 sprats to you dogs daily meal 2 to 3 times a week or feeding as treat.

Raw fish not for human consumption