Dried Fish Sprats Treats

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Sprats (Small Fish) Dog Chew Treats

Dogs just love dried sprats as they are tasty & delicious 

perfect for for growing puppies and smaller dogs with softer mouths.

They not just tasty, 100% natural fish high in Omega 3 
As our Sprats are high in omega 3 and very popular nutritional supplements for dogs providing multiple health benefits in helping with skin conditions, allergies, kidney function, lymphoma, heart disease, cognitive function, arthritis. 

On average

  • 250g equals between150 to 160 of sprats
  • 500g equals between 300 to 320 of sprats
  • 1kg equals between 600 to 640 of sprats
  • 2kg equals between 1200 to 1250 of sprats
  • All Our Sprats come in sealed bags to maintain freshness

Composition: 100% Sprats   
Analysis: Crude protein 50%, Natural Oils & Fats 38%, Moisture 7%, Ash 1%, Salt 0.5%

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