Brewers Yeast Powder For Horses

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Brewers Yeast Powder For Horses Herb Supplement High in B Vitamins Equine, Suitable for Animals Feed Supplement & Suitable for use in Fishing Bait.

Holistic Horses Brewers Powder Yeast is the perfect natural source of a wide range of B vitamins, It has long been a favourite of horse keepers. 


  • Brewers Yeast is effective against the effects of stress, behavioural problems, anxiety, mareishness and travel stress. 

  • Its high quality amino acids encourage a healthy population of gut flora, ensuring better hindgut digestion.

  • It also provides copper and zinc, and is particularly useful for hard working horses, lactating mares, anxious and problem horses. 

  • It can help to improve feed palatability and aid in improved digestion of fibre in the horses diet. As it is high in Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), it can help to calm nervous & highly strung horses.

  • Feeding guidelines: 5 to 15 grams daily 2Kg will last the average horse 7 to 7 months

  • Holistic Horse Feeds Brewers Yeast an inactive roller-dried brewers yeast powder of the highest quality dried brewers yeast produced for animal & pet food industry.


(not for human consumption)