Boil & Broth Beef Bone Broth with added Chia Seeds

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The first UK bone broth manufacturer to obtain a dual license to produce our gut-friendly products for human and pet consumption. You can buy bone broth for dogs from us directly and we will deliver to your door.

Our little furry friends need a good diet just as much as we do. Did you know that even your pets have a gut microbiome, but what does this mean?

The gut microbiome resides in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs and plays host to an array of microbes including beneficial bacteria, friendly yeasts, and other important microbes that help to keep the health of your dog’s immune system. Through up to date research, we are learning that gut dysbiosis, which is the imbalance of the gut microbiome, can be responsible for diseases seen in dogs  and in other animals. All mammals have gut bacteria in their digestive system and the understanding of the development of this complex ecosystem is becoming extremely important to the understanding of the gut bacteria’s relationship with the immune system (the body’s defence against infection and disease).

Antibiotics and other medications are related to disrupting your pet’s gut microbiome, as well as causing inflammation to the gut. Inflammation in the gut prevents food digestion and can cause food intolerances. This means that your pet will not benefit from the nutrients found in food, because the gut will become inefficient in doing so. Therefore, it’s really important to focus on improving your pet’s digestive system. This will result in a happy healthier pet.

To improve your pet’s digestion, you need to find the feed that works for them.

All Boil & Broth bone broth is made using antibiotic and hormone-free bones sourced locally in Dorset. Cooked bone broth exactly the same as we do for humans, meaning that it is high quality and has excellent gut-healing results

 Ingredients for Beef Bone Broth: Beef marrow bones (65%), water, and homemade organic apple cider vinegar used for mineral extraction only. No added ingredients.

5.5g of protein in just 100g (contains approx 3.6g of collagen)

Our bone broth will arrive frozen in easy to use resealable pouches


Store in the freezer for up to 6 months. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 5 days

How to Use:

Open the pouch and stir the seeds into the broth. Add the broth from the pack to your pets meal and mash with a fork

Gluten and sugar-free, no additional ingredients; simply broth.

Analytical Constituents for beef broth: Per 100g

Moisture content: 95%,Collagen 3.6g,Protein: 5.5g,Crude Fats: < 0.5g,Crude Fibre: 1g,Crude Ash: 0g   

Feeding Guidelines by weight:

5lbs-20lbs = 30g-50g

20lbs-50lbs = 50g-100g

50lbs-100lbs = 100g-150g