Billy & Margot - Kangaroo with Superfoods Raw Dog Food

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Billy & Margot Wild Kangaroo with Superfoods Raw Paleo Diet is a protein-rich mixture of raw wild kangaroo, chicken with bone and ox offal, blended with superfoods hand-picked for optimum canine nutrition.

100% grain and additive-free, this delicious meal will meet dogs’ complex dietary needs as well as tasting deliciously irresistible.

Ingredients :Kangaroo (57%), Chicken with Bone (10%), Ox Heart, Ox Liver, Ox Kidney, Carrots* (3%), Sweet Potato* (2%), Flaxseed Oil* (2%), Butternut Squash* (1%), Curly Kale* (1%), Coconut Oil* (1%), Manuka Honey* (1%), Blueberries* (1%), Minerals, Yeast, Dried Seaweed* (0.1%), Alfalfa* (0.08%), Dried Carrot* (0.08%). *Minimum Superfoods 12.3%