Robbie’s Grain Free Sweet Potato & Salmon Dog Food


Our dehydrated Robbie’s Grain Free Sweet Potato & Salmon Dog Food.

Now available in 2 x 10kg bags

Packed with delicious ingredients and excellent nutrients.

Add Hot water and keep stirring. Please allow cooling before serving. Order your Grain free dog food below.



Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine Grain Free dog food – Sweet Potato with Salmon  Dog Food in  150g packs, 2.5kg, and 10kg bags.

This is a dehydrated Robbie’s Grain Free Sweet Potato & Salmon Dog Food -Place in a bowl and add hot water while continually stirring to re-hydrate the Sweet Potato with salmon dog food.

Sweet Potato Flakes, Salmon Meal, Carrot Flakes, Spinach, Salmon Oil, Green Beans, Broccoli, Seaweed, Peas, Sunflower oil, Oregano, Sage, parsley, Thyme and Spearmint.

Protein : 21%. Fat/Oil : 7.5% Fibre: 3% Ash : 7% Vitamin A: 10000 iu/kg, Vitamin D3 : 1500 iu/kg Vitamin E: 75 iu/kg. Copper 15mg/kg

* This natural dog food takes more time to cool than the other Robbie’s products and care must be taken to make sure no hot spots are in the food before serving.

Why feed a premium food like Robbie’s Grain Sweet Potato with Salmon for dogs?

You care about your pets. And feeding holistic healthy food to your dog is one of the kindest things you can do for him or her.

You will find in the long run it pays to invest in good quality food because you should save on vets bills and paying for medicines.

Your dog is your best friend and companion so treat him (or her) with love and give him Robbie’s. Along with Grain Free Sweet potato and salmon for dogs we have several other carefully prepared dog foods and a range of dietary supplements. All our foods and supplements, even the treats, are intended to be part of a genuine holistic lifestyle.

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