Robbie’s Chicken And Rice Dog Food

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Robbie’s Chicken and rice dog food, available in 150g packs and 2.5kg bags up to 10kg. Low phosphorus dog food perfect for dogs with fragile digestive systems.

You also have the ability to purchase 2 x 10kg bags and receive a discount of £5.30  – choose 2 x 10kg bags

Brown Rice and Chicken for Dogs all-natural, dehydrated premium dog food. Made from natural ingredients as part of a complete holistic diet for dogs.

Each 150g pack should feed a medium sized dog (15kg) for 1 day. Each 2.5kg pack should feed a medium sized dog (15kg) for 16 – 17 days.*

Hypoallergenic, wheat gluten free, no chemical colours, flavours or preservatives.



Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine – Brown Rice and Chicken for dogs in 150g packs and 2.5kg bags up to 10kg.

All natural dog food includes brown rice, chicken, spinach, carrots, sunflower oil, seaweed, herbs, vitamins and minerals for a complete balanced meal.

Dried dog food with a BIG difference – simply add hot water and allow to cool before serving.

Brown rice and chicken for dogs comes in sizes up to 10kg.
Robbie’s brown rice and chicken for dogs comes in sizes up to 10kg.

Amounts to feed

Each 150g pack should feed a medium sized dog (15kg) for 1 day.*
Each 2.5kg bag should feed a medium sized dog (15kg) for 16 – 17 days. *

Weight of Dog g/day
1 – 5kg 16 – 50
5 – 10kg 50 – 100
10 – 20kg 100 – 200
20 – 30kg 200- 300
30 – 40kg 300 – 400
40 – 50kg 400 – 500

Cost of feeding per day – based on 15kg dog
2.5kg bag – 75p per day*
150g pack – £1.05p per day*

* cost and length of time each bag last will vary according to age, environmental factors and amount of exercise


Certified Holistic By BAHNM

Why feed a premium food like Robbie’s Brown Rice and Chicken for dogs?

You care about your pets. And feeding holistic healthy food to your dog is one of the kindest things you can do for him or her.

You will find in the long run it pays to invest in good quality food because you should save on vets bills and paying for medicines.

Your dog is your best friend and companion so treat him (or her) with love and give him Robbie’s. Along with brown rice and chicken for dogs we have several other carefully prepared dog foods and a range of dietary supplements. All our foods and supplements, even the treats, are intended to be part of a genuine holistic lifestyle.

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6 reviews for Robbie’s Chicken And Rice Dog Food

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I decided to try Robbie’s back in 2006 as I’d a dog who’d got skin problems, I didn’t really think it would help but after a few weeks her coat and skin started looking better. She loved the Robbie’s and the improvement continued. It wasn’t long before I decided all the dogs should be on Robbie’s as they hovered round with their noses in the air at the lovely smell of the Robbie’s as it soaked. Happy dog happy owner

    • George Burns

      Thanks for the review – sorry you did not get the discount


  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    melgaite (verified owner)

    My dog has very sensitive stomach and he has skin allergies. We tried numerous brands, special orders from vet and etc, but his stomach was really upset and bad until we discovered Land of holistic pets, been recommended my a neighbour whose dog has a very sensitive stomach. We are very please and very very happy with his food, as my dog stomach is back to normal and he is very happy with the food. Been customers for over 2 years now. Highly recommend Robbies Brown Rice and Chicken and Chicken, also Luath Brown Rice and Chicken and also Lamb.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    Our English Pointer is an incredibly fussy eater, to the point of eating only enough to survive if he doesn’t like the food (we’ve tried everything). We bring him to a dog activity centre, and they recommended Robbies to us. We got a sample, and it’s the first time since he was a puppy our dog has eaten his food without any prodding whatsoever. He adores Robbies.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michele Elliott

    A friend was looking after her sons 11yr old black lab. Wow coat like glass and thought the dog was only about 7yrs old . Weight was fantastic not a lardy bloated labrador but spot on .went straight onto website purchased a bag locally dog’s love it . Hope my 13yr &2yr old field spaniel s look as good x

    • George Burns

      It takes a little time to achieve optimum health but when feeding the correct quantities your dogs will first class

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    e_herbert (verified owner)

    My dog has pancreatitis, took a while to find a food that stopped him from being sick. Finally I found the one for him. He loves it, I would highly recommend robbies brown rice and chicken.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lindsey (verified owner)

    Great food. My dog has various health problems…….IBD, previous pancreatitis and early kidney disease. I was home cooking but I wanted to try something else so made the switch as it looked and sounded perfect. First things first, she loves the food and it agrees with her tummy…..perfect stools too from day 1 (let’s face it, it’s important)! So glad we changed to Robbies.

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