Detox Holistic Medicine For Dogs & Cats


Detox Holistic Medicine For Dogs & Cats. Pet DeTox for dogs and cats – 50g bottle

Blood toxicity cleanser.

When to use: – Hot spots, Bad breath, Obesity, Arthritis, Cancer prevention, Skin problems, Sores, Chewing feet, Rashes

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This formula helps your animal friend cleanse toxicity from the blood and helps remove wastes held in the blood. 

It is not the individual herbs that make the difference but the combination working together

These undesirable wastes are from both the internal and external world and may include pesticides, herbicides, internal cellular wastes, yeast cells, and many other forms of toxic waste.

Christopher Hobbs, a renowned herbalist, defines a “blood purifier” as an herb that facilitates and supports the elimination of wastes from the blood through the skin, kidney, and bowels.


Dandelion Root  – great cleansing herb that supports liver function,   replace potassium , encourages waste excretion.

Burdock Root – one of the most powerful herbal blood tonics for your dog, cool and cleanse toxic accumulations from the blood

Blessed thistle  –  supports liver function and encourages waste excretion.

Fenugreek – soothes and cleanses the stomach and intestines.

Kelp Thalus – is a nutritive food for the blood, a wonderful source of trace elements, and binds heavy metals preventing their absorption. Kelp has the added bonus of soothing the gastrointestinal tract.

Red Clover, – Helps clean your dogs lymphatic system and supports the reduction of lumps,  helps to improve skin quality.

Stevia Leaf – Sweetens the bitter taste of the formula making it easy to administer to your dog

Dandelion root, burdock root, blessed thistle aerial parts, fenugreek seed, fennel seed, kelp thalus, red clover aerial parts, stevia leaf.

Application: Per day for two to three months, then halve the quantity, or as needed.

Small cats & dogs: 1/2-1 small spoonful mixed in with food.
Medium dogs: 1-2 small spoonfuls mixed in with food.
Large dogs: 2-3 small spoonfuls mixed in with food.

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