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Dog food bargains, special offers, and discounted items available here. Ranging from herbs, premium & dry dog food, treats, and chews. Healthy, nutritional, premium food at a fraction of the price. See our available stock below.

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  • Sale! Salmon and white fish grain free dog food

    Grain Free Salmon Dog Food With Sweet Potato In Tray 50 packs

    £70.00 £37.00
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  • Sale! cheap healthy dog food

    Luath’s Mini Bites Dog Food

    £53.02 £40.00
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  • Sale! pet-joint-ease

    Herbal Joint Supplements For Dogs

    £26.27 £15.00
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  • kidney-support-for-dogs

    Herbs For Kidney Failure In Dogs And Cats

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  • Sale! Helps cool and calm hot spots on dogs

    Hot Spot Herb Treatments For Dogs

    £25.00 £12.00
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  • Sale! Dermaphyte

    Dermaphyte Irritated Dog Skin Herb Remedies

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    £25.66 £22.00
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  • Sale!

    Luath 2kg Bags – Mixed

    £60.50 £50.00
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  • Sale! Robbies taster selection

    Robbie’s Dog Food Taster Selection

    £60.75 £53.00
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  • Sale! luath-robbies-natural-dog-food-taster

    Luath and Robbie’s Taster

    £50.35 £40.00
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  • power-mushrooms

    Medicinal Reishi Mushrooms For Dogs And Cats

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  • Sale! pet-calm

    Pet Calm Herbal Calming for Dogs and Cats

    £24.44 £18.00
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  • Sale! herbs to cool away heat from inflamation

    Inflam-Ease for dogs and cats

    £26.27 £20.00
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  • Hoxsey Herbal Formula for dogs and cats

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  • Sale! pet-boost

    Pet Boost for dogs and cats

    £25.36 £20.00
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  • intesti-care

    Intesti-Care for dogs and cats

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  • Sale! gluco stable

    Gluco-Stable for dogs and cats

    £26.27 £22.00
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