Urinary Problems in Dogs

Symptoms of urinary problems in dogs.

The classic symptoms of kidney or renal failure are excessive thirst and urination.

Using the Chinese Medicine approach.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a wonderful perception of the role of the kidneys in the overall function of the body.

They consider the kidneys to be the fire that helps to balance the whole body. The fire is fueled by Yin and the spark that ignites it is Yang.

Thus the upper reaches of the body (Yang) are cooled by the Yin.

When these 2 aspects are out of balance the Yin over cools the lower part of the body, contracting the kidneys/bladder thus more urination. At the same time the upper part of the body overheats and results in greater thirst.

Holistic approaches are about maintaining the balance between Yin and Yang. This concept can be termed as metabolic balance where every organ in the body functions for the benefit of each other and ultimately the whole body – this is holistic nutrition and what Land of Holistic Pets seeks to achieve through diet.

Specialised ‘Kidney Support’ dog food.

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