Safe Herbs for Dogs

Sometimes at Land of Holistic Pets we get asked. “What exactly are ‘safe’ herbs to give to dog?”

For thousands of years humans have used herbs in cooking and medicinally – for themselves and their animals. And there are many safe herbs which help promote and maintain health in the body. Herbs actually strengthen or ‘boost’ the body’s own immune system. Herbs can give relief to underlying health issues and can even sometimes help relieve acute symptoms.

It is usual to take some sort of formulation of herbs for a particular condition like cancer or arthritis. Other formulations might aid digestion or help control skin or ear problems.

Combine the best of east and west.

[Begin Block]Different traditions have developed their own understanding and combinations of herbs. At Land of Holistic Pets we combine the best of eastern and western herbal traditions. We focus on safe herbs for dogs from the beginning to the end.

Safe herbs for dogs

The ‘safe’ herbal formulations sold through the Land of Holistic Pets shop have all been carefully selected to support specific health issues. These include:

  • Herbs to support liver, kidneys, bladder and heart in dogs
  • Immune system support for cats and dogs
  • Herbs addressing cancer in dogs and cats
  • Herbs to support the digestive system
  • Herbs to treat skin, coat, ear and anal gland issues
  • Herbs for hip and joint problems in dogs
  • Thyroid and diabetic support herbs
  • Herbs to help calm dogs and cats
  • Dog and cat detox herbs

[End Block]Take a further look at our ‘Introduction to herbs‘ where we examine the wisdom of herbal pet care.

We also have tips to help you get your dog to take their herbal medicine.

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