Dogs behaving badly

Exploring dogs behaviour.

Although the title says ‘dogs behaving badly’ this issue can be seen from different points of view. But common sense suggests good behaviour and the ability to behave appropriately are as important in dogs as they are in humans.

Behavioural symptoms you observe in your dog;

  • timid
  • aggressive
  • noisy
  • difficult to train
  • difficult to control
  • hyperactive
  • laziness

The list here is pretty much endless.

Behaviour relates to organs in body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes the view that behaviour is directly related to the health of specific organs in the body.

Felix Mann in his book “Acupuncture – Cure of Many Diseases” illustrates it quite simply.

  • Depression is a disease of the liver in humans.
  • Fear is a disease of the kidneys.
  • Anguish is a disease of the lungs.
  • Obsession is a disease of the spleen.
  • Excessive joy a disease of the heart.

Another simple yet profound example seen in all walks of life is the behaviour of the alcoholic; they often show aggression when drunk and yet are severely depressed when in need of more alcohol. Cirrhosis of the liver is common in alcoholics.

An all encompassing approach to behavioural problems in our pets is beyond the scope of this page because individual variations are too great.

My approach here is to give some insight that internal organs and their health has a direct bearing on mental state. And thus behavior.

Therefore, what is sometimes interpreted as a behaviour problem, may in fact be the result of a deeper physical problem.

Inappropriate urination in cats, for example, may be from cystitis and inflammation.

It is important to remember that where a specific organ may be affecting behaviour, conventional scientific tests are unlikely to show any problem. Diagnosis by a qualified practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine may be required.

A few years ago I spoke with a dog groomer in Newcastle, England, who had to deal with a very aggressive West Highland terrier. She had great difficulty grooming this dog and had to resort to all sorts of constraints including muzzles.

I suggested at the time that this could be a problem with the liver and that she should recommend to the owner to feed home cooked food consisting of brown rice, white meat or fish and vegetables.

It was also important that the dog be denied any other food in the meantime and underfeeding initially would be beneficial.

About 6 weeks later I spoke to the groomer again who told me that the dogs behaviour was almost unrecognizable and that she no longer required any constraints when grooming the dog.

Robbie’s Brown Rice with Chicken and Robbie’s Brown Rice with Salmon contains a range of quality carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins, fats and seaweed which all contribute to promote health and vitality and at the same time allows the internal organs to function in a more efficient manner.

This allows for metabolic balance where every organ in the body functions at an optimum level for the benefit of each other and ultimately the whole body including behavior.

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