Dog Scratching

Stop a dog chewing and scratching

In general scratching arises because the immune system is attempting to eliminate wastes from the body.

Dog owners are astounded when we tell them that all that may be required is for them to change their dogs diet and the problem may well be gone.

  • Their wastes can come from a variety of sources but mainly arise from too much protein or low quality protein like isolated vegetable protein (potato protein extract,  pea protein etc).
  • Too much fat can also be a major cause of dogs scratching and chewing and many manufacturers use sugar beet pulp to help them increase the fat.
  • The higher the fat usually means tastier the food as fat is very sweet tasting.
  • Another source of wastes can be sugars in many forms – dextrose, fructose etc.
  • Chemical and or synthetic colours and flavours in dog foods are another culprit in the war against scratching and chewing .

Owners have spent fortunes at the vet, been to see skin specialists and so on and so forth.

The reality is the dog doesn’t have a health problem – it has a diet problem. It is being fed the wrong foods.

Not only does the dog scratch, it probably has runny eyes, chews its feet, waxy ears and full anal glands. These are all indications of improper diet and the body attempting to eliminate wastes which have crossed the digestive track.

No more scratching and chewing feet is possible

no more itchy skin
Image: Left to right – Lhasa, Rishka, Beau and Chan

“Beau had the worst skin condition of all the dogs, licking and scratching (and pink paws). Rishka had the least problems of the 4 dogs. Lhasa had lost coat on legs and tummy and chewed paws a lot. Chan licked legs and chewed paws.

Don’t they look a handsome lot now? Thank for such a wonderful food and all your help”

Take the dog scratching challenge

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