Dog Protein

The subject of ‘dog protein’ and amounts of protein in dog food is often mis-understood.

Because dogs don’t actually need lots of protein.

Most animal behaviourists and dog trainers say that high protein levels in the diet has a massive impact on dogs.[Begin Block]

Low protein dog food is most healthy.

Getting the amount of dog protein right for your dog has a huge effect on health.

Reducing protein levels in the diet can help turn a hyperactive, uncontrollable dog into a well behaved and easily trained dog.

No-one knows your pet better than you so you’ll be the first to notice if they are not well or not quite themselves.

One of the reasons why we created Luath Holistic Nutrition for Dogs was to address the need of having a healthy, low-protein, chemical free food to give to our dogs.

The aim was to create a satisfying kibble food for the dog to enjoy that would also strengthen the immune system, thus supporting long term health. And have you tried your dog on Robbie’s healthy dog food yet? You may well be happily surprised by how quickly good health can be returned.

Whatever ways you choose to help your pet are surely better than not dealing with the issue.

The famous Indian ‘pandit’ Chanaka said. ‘Fire, debt and disease should be dealt with immediately’.[End Block]

Try a sample of low protein dog food.

If you’re unsure about what to feed your dog or if you’d like some feedback then please use our Pet Health Questionnaire and we’ll send you a sample to try.

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