Black Skin Disease in Dogs

Exploring Black Skin Disease in Dogs – causes and treatment.

Black skin disease in dogs is not well understood but it is really nothing more than alopecia or in simple terms – ‘hair loss’. Cushions disease in dogs is often confused with black skin disease simply because it is one of the symptoms.

Symptoms to look for.

Thinning hair is usually the initially indication  and may or may not, be accompanied by itchy skin followed by bald patches. Blackened or dark gray skin, as the name suggests becomes apparent and  the dog may  eventually become completely bald with deep charcoal-gray skin. Body odour often manifests itself with the problem.

Treatments for black skin disease.

Vets will often prescribe steroids – prednisone or cortisone, which have the effect of suppressing the immune system. These drugs are also know as immune suppressants.

This is where the clue lies with regards to looking at the problem from a natural health or holistic standpoint.  While the conventional medical approach is to give drugs to suppress the immune system, the natural health or holistic approach is to address the ’cause’ of the problem which is usually diet.

It is considered that the immune system is trying to eliminate the wastes accumulated in the body through improper diet and only when corrections are made to the diet will the problems resolve themselves.

The reality is that Black Skin Disease in dogs is not really a disease at all. It is a sign that the body is attempting to get well by eliminating wastes. Suppressing the immune system with drugs only slows down the process.

Diet and herbs.

My own approach is with a combination of diet and herbs to deal with black skin disease in dogs. On changing to one of my holistic dog foods you should consider supporting the immune system to do it’s work.

Firstly I would use the herbal tincture – Immune Plus to provide, as the name suggests, a stimulus to the immune system. In conjunction with  this I suggest Dermaphyte – this herbal formula is wonderful  in supporting the skin particularly when it has been compromised with poor diet.

It is also important when black skin disease in dogs in present, as I believe at all other times, that the correct amount of food is provide daily taking into account, size, age, if neutered or not and the dogs general requirements. All too often I hear dog owners leaving food out for their dog to finish later. This simple means the dog is being presented with too much food.

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