What makes a good holistic diet

Online Holistic Nutrition Guidebook | Part 3

So what does make a good holistic diet for your dog?

To assist your dog in reducing waste or toxic matter, we must make sure that the food is of high quality, easily digested and without added chemicals.

A good ‘holistic’ diet’s ingredients, fed in the correct quantities, help the body and mind function in a normal healthy way.

So its about the right diet, in the right quantity.

What is a ‘balanced’ diet?

Most pet food companies advertise their products as being ‘Complete and Balanced,‘ which in one sense is correct but in a deeper sense can be very misleading. It may mean that the food contains all the vitamins and minerals required to sustain life. But this can be true without reference to quality or digestibility.

At Land of Holistic Pets we believe that balance is achieved when the body works in harmony. It happens when what is consumed is utilised in the best possible way to achieve health and vitality.

This harmony can be termed ‘metabolic balance’. This is where every organ in the body functions at an optimum level for the benefit of the whole body. This state is the goal of Land of Holistic Pets and sums up the reason for a good holistic diet.

All of our foods are formulated to avoid excesses of protein, fat, salt and sugar and to be preserved naturally.

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