Principles of Holistic Nutrition

Online Holistic Nutrition Guidebook | Part 1

The key principles of holistic nutrition.

Nature Has Health-Promoting Power.

The body has the power to maintain health and, when necessary, to heal itself. Diet, like any healer, should obey the principle: Do no harm.

Pet Health is Holistic.

Your pet is a complex interaction of mind, body and character (or spirit) functioning in the environment (which can greatly influence all of the other aspects).

Pet Health Deals Primarily With Causes, Not Symptoms.

Symptoms express the body’s attempt to heal. We should always seek the underlying cause of any symptom rather than simply suppress it.

Pet Health Means Empowering Pet Owners.

Holistic practitioners should educate and motivate the pet owner to take responsibility for the pet’s health by adopting healthy lifestyles, feeding good diets and providing a good social environment.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure.

This is common sense and is key to achieving full health. Of course life brings unforeseen difficulties from time to time with us and with our pets. But if we can apply these holistic health principles in our lives and the lives of our  pets we’ll all have a better chance of dealing well with difficulties as they arise in the body.

How we apply these principles at Land of Holistic Pets, Robbie’s Holistic Cuisine and Luath Holistic Nutrition.

All our products are formulated to enable the body to function in a normal healthy way, complementing
the well-being of every organ for the benefit of the animal as a whole. We do this mainly by minimizing the accumulation of waste products in the body. When fed according to need, Robbie’s and Luath’s help maintain a natural balance within the body.

Many of our foods are based on brown rice, a food long recognized as beneficial in the maintenance of health and well-being.

The main protein sources are chicken, lamb or fish — highly digestible compared to other proteins.

Sunflower oil and chicken oil provide essential fatty acids and seaweed provides an organic source of minerals.

Land of Holistic Pets through the eyes of Traditional Chinese Medecine.

One way of looking at Land of Holistic Pets products is through the collected wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.

In this tradition, every food has an “up” side and a “down” side — for example, warming or cooling qualities.

Good formulas include ingredients that moderate and balance the extremes of the other ingredients to create a food that is in a sense better than the sum of its parts.

In traditional Chinese medicine, hypoallergenic whole grain brown rice is neither warming nor cooling. But if brown rice is the “star player,” it needs the entire team, including the energetics of easily digestible proteins, beneficial fatty acids and the protective minerals in seaweed, while chlorophyll from vegetables aids in the absorption of carbohydrates.

It is this combined, complementary approach to formulation that gives Land of Holistic Pets products the leading edge in terms of holistic nutrition.

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