Online Holistic Nutrition Guidebook

Working with Nature to Promote Pet Health.

Being a ‘Learning’ Pet Owner.

George BurnsAs a man, a pet owner and a dog-lover I passionately believe that learning and wisdom are things that evolve on a daily basis. Here at Land of Holistic Pets we are always trying to improve.

We want to bring you those products we believe are worthy of your pets. Each new year we see major advances in understanding the health of pets. And we will always strive to bring you the very best of the natural, holistic approach to diet for your dog.

With the recommendations in this guide, it is not our intention to diagnose any physical or mental conditions, or to prescribe or promote any particular products for those conditions. This guide is not intended as a substitute for the advice and treatment of a licensed professional.

We trust you to judge for yourself the value of what we have presented. And as people going back thousands of years have done, to live and learn by your own experience, your own wisdom, and the wisdom and experience of others.

Please enjoy!
George Burns

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Part 1

The Principles of Holistic Nutrition >

Part 2

Early Warning Symptoms of Nutritional Imbalance >

Part 3

What Makes a Good Holistic Diet >

Part 4

 Young Pets, Older Pets and the Miracles of Marketing >

Part 5

Protein and Ingredient Manipulation >

Part 6

Quantities to Feed >

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