Human Health

OK so we are a pet health focused company but sometimes us humans also need our health issues addressed. So we created a new section on our website dedicated to human health. Anyway it’s in the interest of our pets to have healthy owners.

happy smile boasts human health
This happy smiling woman bursts with health.

We’ll post articles and insights to this section.

First couple of articles being one on Candida and the other on the effectiveness of Gerson therapy.

Human health is a huge issue all over the world.

In the west we are afflicted with high levels of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Our general health is not good in a classic sense. Although those of us who regularly walk our dogs will know the quiet benefit we get from daily exercise.

Diet, exercise and rest.

Human health is dependent on a few simple factors. Good diet, regular exercise and good rest. It is often considered healthy to take part in some community or extended group activities as well.

Focusing on diet. In the west we tend to rely on convenience and processed foods a lot.

Processed foods tend to be high in sugar, salt and fat. Whereas what the human body needs is fresh vegetables and fruits for the best health.