Natural dog food

It comes down to how you define ‘natural’.

I remember standing at a booth in Chicago and our banner claimed that we had ‘natural dog food’.

Another booth holder came marching over and demanded to know how we could make such a claim selling a dried dog food. This is where the claim takes on many faces.

Natural dog food – processed as little as possible.

On one hand there are those that claim that only natural raw dog food is the only form of natural food for dogs. There are others, like myself where the emphasis on natural dog food is the idea that the ingredients are subject to very little processing  like whole grain brown rice as compared to highly refined white rice. The former being natural and therefore it logically follows that the claim ‘natural dog food’ is a right and proper claim.[End Block]

Differences in approach require different interpretation of the term.

The root of these differences in viewpoint about “Natural Dog Food” lies in attempts by manufacturers to explain their products.

Robbies and Luaths all natural dog food ingredients
We saw a need for a healthy dog food so created Robbies and Luaths

In addition to these differing explanations which are of course genuine efforts to explain to a potential customer the basis of the suppliers approach, there is the issue of ‘marketing’.

I recently saw a heading for a multinational pet food company which stated “Natural Formulas Designed For Your Dog’s Unique Nutritional Needs.” Enough said?

Obviously there is a lot of confusion about what kind of food could actually be termed “Natural Dog Food”.

The dictionary gives us some clues when natural is defined as; “Present in or produced by nature. Conforming to the usual course of nature. etc.” On the other hand the Cambridge dictionary terms natural food or drink  “is pure and has no chemical substances added to it and is therefore thought to be healthy:”

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