Natural dog food company

Being natural.

For many years Land Of Holistic Pets has maintained the principle of being a ‘natural dog food company’. 

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Define ‘natural dog food company’…

George BurnsSome people have asked me what I mean by ‘natural’ as compared to ‘holistic dog food company’.

And I confess, unfortunately my brain has worked on the assumption that if I know, everyone else should know which is simply not the case.

When talking of natural dog food, or even any food or drink, the term ‘natural’ refers to the purity of the product and the omission of chemicals.[End Block]

Natural dog food company or holistic dog food company.

‘Natural Dog Food Company’ and ‘Holistic Dog Food Company’ are not interchangeable terms.

Holistic dog food companies which have an identifiable philosophy underpinning their formulation for the well being of the dog health overall are markedly different from a Natural dog food company.

Health first principle.

In simple terms, a real holistic dog food company will formulate its products in a way which will create the ability of the dog to move towards self-healing and health.

In other words, the formulation will promote the ‘Doctor within’.

A bit like a plant bought at a garden centre which has a small label telling you where to plant it; what sun or shade, the type of soil, how often to water and fertilise and so on – you create the correct conditions for the plant to thrive.

For a holistic dog food company to achieve its goal of creating the conditions for self healing and health, then it must embody the concept of the natural dog food company.

A natural dog food company cannot make the same claim as to being holistic without a philosophy!

Read our philosophy of formulation based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

What do we mean by natural dog food anyway?