My Itchy Dog – do you have one?

Dog owners are always commenting on ‘my itchy dog’

So we decided to focus on one of our herbal formulas specifically aimed at owners with who complain about  My itchy dog.

Dermaphyte  – Our Herbal formula aimed at owners who have a ‘My  itchy dog


This wonderful herbal formula derives if name from ‘Derma’ meaning  the root of the skin and ‘phyte ‘ meaning a plant like substance – bringing the two word together simply means “plant’s  to support the skin” and support the skin it does from the inside to out.

The origins of this formula are rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine which consider  many skin problems to come from  excesses in the body. Simply put, too much of anything or a combination of the wrong ingredients leading to the immune system attempting to rid the body of what it considers wastes or pollution.

The herbs Potentilla, Sophora ,and Oregon Grape,  clear heat, dry dampness and  calm flaring skin  conditions. No single herb in the formula has been shown to be effective on its own. The combination of herbs, like most Traditional Chinese Herbal formals work together to achieve a desired result.  Click here to read more

Dermaphyte contains a number of  very important herbs other than those mentioned above, all working to support the body and each other :-

Licorice root is a natural way to cool inflammation and useful for skin issues – it has been suggested that Licorice is natural steroid.

Siler root is considered to have pungent, sweet-warm properties, and works on the Liver and Spleen – both organs help with detoxing the body.

Lophatherum  Its prime functions are to clear heat and relieve fidgetiness and induce urination to help remove wastes . And main Lophatherum uses and indications are excessive thirst  in heat disease, inhibited voidings of reddish urine, minimise spasm of the bladder and pain when urinating, and mouth sores.

Red peony contains a unique compound called paeoniflorin, which is believed to calm the nerves and reduce the incidence of muscle spasms. In traditional Chinese medicine, red peony was used for bleeding or lack of blood movement

Rehmannia root In traditional Chinese medicine, rehmannia is used as a diuretic and to strengthen the kidney, liver and heart.

Schizonepeta root Its functions are to expel wind and stop bleeding. Typically, schizonepeta is used to treat wind-cold exterior syndromes that have symptoms such as headaches, chills and fever. It also helps to treat bloody stools and uterine bleeding;

Tribulus root- It is used in Chinese medicine as a liver tonic, and for food poisoning and overeating. ( a condition of excess)

Burdock root has been an important botanical in Western folk herbalism and traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, primarily valued for its cleansing and skin smoothing properties

Stevia leaf is used to help sweeten the herbs and make them more tasty for your dog


Dermaphyte’s response to dealing with skin problems will really only be effective when the ’cause ” of the problem has been addressed which in most case is the diet.

INGREDIENTS:  Licorice root, siler root, lophatherum, red peony, potentillia, rehmannia root, schizonepeta root, tribulus root, burdock root, Oregon grape root, sophora root,  stevia leaf.

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