Spring and summer tips for dogs

Here’s a brief reminder of some spring and summer tips for dogs.

Spring and Summer Hazards for Dogs

Spring and summer are wonderful seasons. Long days, lazy evenings and bank holidays. Along with the annual summer holiday it all makes for a pleasant life.

Whether in the city or out in the countryside, by the beach or on a ramble; we love getting out and feeling the warm sunshine on our skin. Our dogs are not far behind us – they’re often the first ones out.

As responsible owners and carers for our pets we have to be on the lookout for their protection and welfare all the time. So here are a few humble tips for helping you and your dog.

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Follow our spring and summer tips for dogs so your dog is happy outdoors.In the garden

Dogs are like us and love spending time outside in the garden.

If you use any pesticides or garden weed-killer you need to make sure your dog doesn’t go near the area.

And remember to avoid using cocoa shells for mulch in the garden as they contain theobromine which is toxic to dogs.


Make sure you keep your dog a safe distance from your hot barbecue. Also remember to keep them away from skewers, corn on the cob and small bones as they are all dangerous for dogs

Wasp and Bee stings

Most stings are uncomfortable but are not life threatening.

For bee stings; remove the sting and bathe in warm water with bicarbonate of soda – 1tsp bicarb to 300ml water.

For wasp stings; bathe the area with malt vinegar or lemon juice.

If you’re unsure if it was a wasp or a bee then you just have to choose one and try it. If it doesn’t help then try the other method.

If the sting is near the mouth or neck then you may need to seek help from a vet. Dogs, like humans can suffer allergic reactions to stings so look out for swelling and shortness of breath.

Insects and Bugs

Fleas and ticks increase in the spring and summer so you need to pay extra attention to keeping your dog’s coat nice and clean.


As with insects and bugs there is lots more pollen and dust in the air in the spring and summer. Some animals suffer itchy skin and runny eyes at this time. Keep a bowl of water always available so there is plenty of hydration.


If you’re out in the country side remember to check you’re in a safe place before letting your dog off the lead. Really you need to keep your dog in sight and under control at all times which requires training. If you do become separated from your dog keep a whistle to call him or her back. And of course keep a tag on your dog’s collar with the name and your phone number.

Don’t overdo it – build up over the course of a few weeks to longer distances.

Stay hydrated

Avoid getting too hot and always keep water and a bowl with you for your dog when you’re out exploring the countryside.

The Car

And of course never leave the dog in the car. They can expire in as little as 15 minutes. Not nice for the dog or you.[End Block]