Holistic Nutrition Guidebook now online

Here at Land of Holistic Pets we see the principles of holistic nutrition as being fundamental to living a healthy, balanced life. (You may have noticed by now if you’ve spent some time on our site or been in the shop).

So, thinking of you and what might help you with your pets we recently we posted our Holistic Nutrition Guidebook in an easy-to-read format online.

Holistic Nutrition Guidebook

It’s about helping you and deepening your understanding.

We don’t presume to tell you how best to look after your dog. We hope you can use the principles that we present in the guide to help you in your own understanding of holistic living and how it applies to you and your dog.

We get lots of requests for the guide so we made an online version that works on all your screens and devices.

The full page address is https://landofholisticpets.co.uk/online-holistic-nutrition-guidebook/.

Please pass the message on.

Please feel free to tell your friends, neighbours and family about the guidebook and our approach to pet health. If you know anyone whose pets are suffering please tell them about our pet health questionnaire – we may be able to help and we can certainly send them a sample of healthy food to try.