Ear problems in dogs

It has been suggested that ear problems in dogs are said to be the main reason that people take their dog (or cat) to a vet.

Did you also know that on many occasions these infections could be treated naturally without reoccurring incidences?

Why does my dog have ear problems?

Ear problems in dogs are common.
Ear problems in dogs are common and most can be treated.

Until you know the cause of the ear problem it can be very distressing seeing your pet suffer.

Below is a selection of ear problems in dogs seen by veterinary practices.

  • Ear infections or ‘otitis’ in dogs.
  • Ear mites.
  • Foreign bodies in the dogs ear.

Ear infections.

Symptoms of ear infections.

Bacterial ear infection or ‘otitis externa’ is the condition seen most in veterinary practice.

Often the owner will bring the dog to the vet when they see the dog scratching its ears and shaking its head a lot. They might also notice a bad smell from the ears and the dog may not want to let the owner near its head, even showing aggression if touched. Occasionally the owner also might notice a discharge.

Causes of dog ear infections.

Food can create warm, cool, dry and damp conditions in the body depending on what it is. If a dog’s diet is creating warm, damp conditions in the ear canal the ear can become a hotbed for bacterial overgrowth.

Also, the wrong ingredients in the dogs diet can result in an overgrowth of Candida, which is basically a yeast infection that causes pain and inflammation in the dogs ear.

Poor quality diet can result in your dog’s immune system being suppressed and unable to fight the infections.

How to deal with your dog’s ear infections.

Change to a high quality holistic diet and limit the amount of food to minimise yeast and warm, damp conditions in the dog’s ear canal.

Use our Herbal Formula – Ear Clear to cool and dry the ear canal.

Ear Mites (otodectes cynotis).

What to look for.

Common and noticeable by brown deposits (similar to coffee grains) just inside the ear. These mites make the dog shake their head and scratch at the ears. These very small spider-like insects like to live in the ears of dogs, cats and other small animals.

How to deal with Ear Mites.

Change the living condition in the dogs ear– use Dog Ear Drops.

Change the diet to a high quality one which is made so that there are no extremes of heat or dampness in the dog’s ear canal.  Read the article on ‘How I formulate my foods.’

Foreign bodies in your dog’s ear.

What to look for.

Foreign bodies (normally grass seed) in the ears of dogs can be quite common.

It tends to be a seasonal issue where the dog may have been through long grass and a grass seed has entered the ear canal.

Owners might see the dog scratching frantically at its ear and shaking its head. Sometimes if the grass seed has inflamed the inside of the ear canal, a little blood may be also seen.

Diagnoses and treatment.

This is where your vet should come into his own by using an otoscope to look in your dog’s ear.

Some vets might try and flush the ears to remove the object, however depending on what is lodged in the ear,  it may need removing surgically.

The dog will be either sedated or under general anaesthetic and the vet will remove the object with long crocodile forceps whilst using the otoscope.