Dangerous PVC Dogs Toys

Dogs Toys and Polyvinyl Chloride, Vinyl or PVC

Protect your dog by removing any dog toys made with vinyl or PVC. And make sure household products containing polyvinyl choride, vinyl and PVC are also removed from the house if at all possible.

Be cautious when buying toys.

Make sure your dog avoids dangerous pvc dog toys
Make sure your dog avoids dangerous PVC dogs toys.

Owners need to be very cautious about the origin of their pets toys. It is vital you know what it is made from.

Products are all around us in our home – doors, windows,  drainpipes  and dogs toys, dogs feeding bowls and water dishes.

Chlorine is one of the main chemical building blocks but under certain conditions it produces one of the most toxic pollutants humans have yet created – Dioxins.

Dioxins cause cancer, reproductive and developmental problems, immune system damage and probably other that we have not yet found out!

These dioxins are the by-products of the manufacturing process of vinyl or if it is set on fire.

The story does not end there however because vinyl is usually a hard and brittle it requires the addition of other chemicals to make it soft, flexible, able to take colours and even scented. To do this “phthalates” are added – pronounced with an “f” before “th” sound!

These chemicals do not actually bind to the PVC  and here is the rub – they move freely around it and also out of it!

Over the lifetime of the vinyl product, the phthalates will leach out of the product completely into, skin, mouth, water, air and earth – in fact anything which comes in contact with it. More so when heat or pressure is applied to the products.

Dogs just love chewing plastic, squeaky toys and in doing so, if they are vinyl, are probably ingesting these deadly chemicals as they go.

Not only do the phthalates affect the kidneys and liver, but they can seriously interfere with the reproductive system.

According to researcher Dr. Santillo at the Greenpeace Research facility these phthalates interfere with the chemical communication at the cellular level. He is of course referring to babies in the womb! Pups will no doubt be affected in the same manner.

A Danish report in 2006 looked at the health risks to pets from phthalates and the rate of transfer into and potential effects on dogs and cats. One observation they noted was that when swallowed, soft plastic toys very quickly became hard indication that the phthalates had leached out in a short space of time into the digestive tract.

China and India have become powerful players in manufacturing – hardly a day goes by that I do not get and email from some supplier offering dog toys, or cat feeding bowls, leads, packaging etc.  While EU legislation is place in for children’s toys, the same cannot be said for pet products.

Other additives in vinyl include:
•    Lead – used as a softener. affects the nervous system, causing behavioural and cognitive problems. Often in coloured products as well originating from the above mentioned countries.
•    Organotins – stabilisers that may affect the immune system and sexual development of cats or dogs.
•    Alkyl-phenols – used in the preparation of phthalates are well know for their ability to mimic the hormone estrogen.
•    Bisphenol-A – used as a stabiliser and helps to stop the vinyl breaking down. An estrogenic endocrine disrupter – linked to some cancers.

So remember to be cautions and avoid dangerous PVC dogs toys as much as possible. Be healthy, be safe!