What is the best dog food

As pet owners we all ought to know the answer to ‘what is the best dog food’. Here are a few thoughts from George Burns on the subject.

When at pet shows or dog shows with Land Of Holistic Pets some questions are always asked on numerous occasions.

“What is the best dog food?” and

“What makes Land Of Holistic Pets products the best dog food for my dogs?”

So just what is the best dog food then.

brown rice and chicken in stainless bowl
We like to think our Robbie’s and Luath’s are among the best dog foods available. But we would say that.

The pet food industry is a multimillion pound industry – common knowledge.

It is of little surprise that some of the world’s leading marketers are employed by some of the biggest companies to get their message over. Telling us about why their products are the best dogs foods. Telling us why you should buy this for Fido because it is rich in this and that and is the best dog food on the market.

On reading the dog food trade industry magazines you regularly see almost meaningless claims but ones which push the right buttons. “New leader of the Grain Free Pack”. “Top performer in the food sensitivity category”.  I noticed a bill board the other day with the words “Voted best retailer of the year in fish and meat”.

The greatest claim of all in the best dog food stakes are the words “New and Improved”. 

I always subconsciously ask myself the question “was the product substandard before that they need to improve it?” But equally important is wither the potential customer in fact looks at the negative connotations of such claims.

Do we really ever ask what is the “Grain Free Pack and was there ever a leader?  Was there ever a food sensitivity category and who voted that company best retailer of the year?

Claims all being made to the pet owning public which are meaningless yet they influence consumer demand.

Another popular yet meaningless claim is “hypoallergenic dog food” which simply means not likely to produce an allergic reaction!  or to be more specific  – designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response, as by containing relatively few or no potentially irritating substances.

This is dog food we are talking about and what company with any sense is going to try and sell a dog food, claim it is one of the best dog foods and include ingredients which are going to cause an allergic reaction and them tell potential customers – the ingredients could cause allergic reactions.

Of course the issue of “New and Improved” has a lot to do with consumer demand simply because dog and cat owners, or at least some of them, are in the business of learning about what is right for their dogs.

No New Leader in the Grain Free Pack or even the  Best Dog Foods stakes is  going to influence a consumer unless there is an improvement, even short term in their dogs or cats general condition.

The vast majority of dog food companies are simply creating niche’s in the ever competitive market place.  This is where Land Of Holistic Pets distinguishes itself in this extremely competitive market place and lifts its position in the Best Dog Food Stakes .

Land Of Holistic Pets products are formulated for health!  Long-term. Not some changing fad and to win attention but for the benefit of the dog.

The only shareholders at Land Of holistic Pets are George and Debi Burns. There are no hidden financiers investing money and demanding profits regardless of how it is done or what claims are being made.

In summary;
Many of the dog foods and cat foods and claims of best dog foods and best cat foods are simply marketing hype designed solely to grab the pet owning public’s attention with the simple intention of converting a doubtful mind to make of a purchase of a particular product.

Land Of Holistic Pets dog foods and intended for the health of the general population of dogs, to give them what we consider to the correct level of nutrients in the most available form for digesting.

Take a look at our product range in detail.