Phytopet Life Drops 10ml

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Herbal Kick Start 

Phytopet Life Drops 10m

Use to Kick Start the vital force in new born animals that are struggling. Elderly animals also benefit from Life Drop warming actions. Should be part of every breeders birthing kit.


A combination of herbal tinctures to kick start all major organs of the body.
  • Promotes warmth in winter. Rouses vital energy within the body.
  • Puppy stimulating, herbal kick-start. Suggested use: 1-2 drops directly into the mouth when required. Repeat every 10-15 minutes until improvement is seen.

Contains tinctures of:
◾Capsicum: A general stimulant, the whole body feels the benefit. ◾Mentha Piperita: Specific for stomach and intestines.
◾Sambucus Nigra Flos: To promote peripherial circulation.
◾Cola Nitida: Nervous system stimulant, mood enhancer, brain stimulant.
◾Crataegus Oxycanthoides: Heart supportive.