Dougie's Raw Beef 80/10/10 560g

£ 2.35 GBP

560g (4 x 140g Portions)


80% Edible Grade Beef Trim, Beef Lung, Beef Trachea, Beef Heart, 10% Beef Ribs, 5% Beef Spleen, 5% Beef Liver (Bone Content approx 10%)

Feeding Guide: 

On average, feed 2-3% of the adult dog's body weight per day.  Keep frozen until required.  Defrost in the fridge overnight and use within 48hrs of defrosting. 

Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling raw meat.

Analytical Constituents:

Moisture: 66.4%, Crude Protein: 17.8%, Fat: 11.2%, Ash: 4.2% Crude Fibre: 0.4%

APHA Approval Number: 48/609/8102/ABP/PTF

Feed Regs Approval Number: GB249E10138