Maxxidigest+ probiotics, prebiotics & digestion enzymes formula for dogs - Advanced digestive and immune system support

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maxxipaws - maxxidigest+ probiotics, prebiotics & digestion enzymes formula

Powerful Probiotic

We utilize the strongest pet-specific probiotic, Pediococcus acidilactici, to help repopulate the digestive system as efficiently as possible. P. acidilactici is proven to survive the harsh acid conditions unique to dogs’ systems, allowing them to thrive in the intestines and sustain balance for digestion and immunity.

Supportive Prebiotic

 Traditional digestion supplements in tablet form only contain probiotics. Our enzyme powder contains both probiotics and prebiotics. Prebiotics provide valuable nutrition for probiotics to flourish and clear out damaging build up.

Benefits All Dogs

Even dogs with healthy digestive tracts can benefit from the unique combination of probiotics, prebiotics, and antioxidants within maxxidigest+. Our gentle formulation is safe for everyday and long-term use. maxxidigest+ contains no artificial flavours or preservatives, just simple effective ingredients to support your pet.

  • Advanced formula for digestive health and immune support
  • Combines probiotics and prebiotics with antioxidants in one supplement
  • Designed specifically for the unique digestive tracts of dogs
  • Proven support for dogs with sensitive digestion, on medication, or recovering from surgery
  • Can be given alongside medications including antibiotic treatments
  • Effective long-term support even for healthy dogs
  • Designed to be given easily with meals
  • Can help with the most common gut related conditions, including stomach upset, food intolerance and itching, and offers vital support for dogs with sensitive digestion and compromised gut and immune function
  • Made in the United States in a GMP registered, NASC certified and FDA compliant manufacturing facility

Advanced 2-in-1 formula for digestive health and immune support

For dogs, proper digestive function is critical to overall well-being. In addition to processing nutrition, the digestive tract also houses many important aspects of immune function. When the digestive tract becomes unbalanced, whether from stress, illness, improper diet, medication, or surgery, it can be a long path back to finding balance and proper function.

With maxxidigest+ we understand the interrelated nature of your dog’s digestive tract and take its role seriously. maxxidigest+ combines ingredients proven to support digestive health by stabilizing the pH level in the gut and repopulating the GI tract with healthy probiotic to sustain the mucosal lining. maxxidigest+ prebiotic and probiotic formula allows for efficient probiotic repopulation to get your dog’s digestive health and immune system back on track.

Contains Pediococcus acidilactici, the strongest pet probiotics that are proven to survive in the stomach’s harsh acidic environment 


 Active Ingredients CONT: Bromelain (pineapple, stem) (120 GDU) 50 mg, Papain (Carica papaya, fruit) (80 000 USP) 40 mg, Pancrelipase (porcine, pancreas) 20 mg, Vitis vinifera (grape seed extract: 120:1) 25 mg, L-Cystine 20 mg, L-Taurine 10 mg, Chromium (polynicotinate) 2 mcg, Biotin (Vitamin H) 2 mcg


Directions for Use: Do not exceed recommended dosage. Use at the rate of 1 scoop per 20 kg of body weight daily, divided between two servings for maximum results. Scoop included. 1 scoop = 5 g or 1 tbsp. Store in a cool, dry place. 5 kg = ¼ scoop daily, 10 kg = ½ scoop daily, 20 kg = 1 scoop daily, 40 kg = 2 scoops daily. These are maintenance doses. It is recommended to double the daily dosage for the first few weeks while getting the condition under control. REFRIGERATE after opening.

APPROVED BY ROBBIE - maxxipaws was founded in 2013 as a family owned business with four founding principles. First, the health of the pets we make supplements for is our highest concern. We will never compromise on the quality of our ingredients or our manufacturing. Second, we will always support our pet owners as part of our community. Third, we will never lose sight of the fact that caring for the health of your pet means more than giving a supplement. And finally, we will support the tireless efforts of animal welfare charities around the world.