Badger the Mystical Mutt

Star of children’s book series – Badger the Mystical Mutt – whizzes in to the Land of Holistic Pets

and returns to earth with a ‘p-awesome’ gift!

Badger and Luath dog food
Badger the mystical mutt with George Burns and his favourite food – Luath Holistic Nutrition

Land of Holistic Pets and children’s authors, McNicol & Jackson and their 6ft costume dog character, Badger the mystical mutt, have teamed up. The purpose is to present each of the 30,000 school children they visit each year with a free Badger ‘paw-tographed’ bookmark.

In between writing the books, McNicol & Jackson take  Badger the mystical Mutt character on the road. They visit schools, bookshops, libraries, book festivals and various other events throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK.  The show, for audiences of 5 – 9 year olds, includes an author reading, much larking about, music and Badger himself performs live magic.

Land of Holistic Pets works with nature to promote pet health. Their holistic, natural dog food range and herbal remedies inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. The Badger bookmark features a discount  for online purchases with Land of Holistic Pets.

Badger the mystical mutt co-author, Lyn McNicol said:

Land of Holistic Pets is the perfect sponsorship fit for our own brand. Whilst Badger is known for his toast penchant, he does eat dog-food in the books. Book two in our series focuses on healthy eating for dogs, as we have a Chihuahua called Cheryl who has a really bad diet eating fajhitas. Then she meets Badger and his chums, who make it their mission to help her change her eating habits.   Also Badger and Land of Holistic Pets have a strong Ayrshire connection. I’ve now changed my own dog’s diet over to their Luath Holistic Nutrition range of dry dog food”.

 Badger, the mystical Mutt co-author and illustrator Laura Jackson said:

We are delighted to be partnered with Land of Holistic Pets. It enable’s every child,  to get a free Badger gift, after meeting him live ‘in the fur’ at an event. There is no need for purchase of a book. As soon as I spotted Spirulina as one of the ingredients in the Luath range, I knew we were on the same page in terms of healthy pet nutrition. I didn’t know that Robert Burns’ dog was called Luath. It really does feel like Rabbie’s’ ‘Twa Dogs’ have met up again. Although Badger may think he’s the bees knees, he’s definitely not a toff”

Badger the mystical mutt converse over the books and bookmarks
Badger the mystical mutt and George Burns – owner of LOHP, converse over books, bookmarks and Luath dog food

 George Burns, Land of Holistic Pets said:

“Land of Holistic Pets is proud to be supporting Badger and feeding him his favourite food.”

The Badger series of illustrated books for 5 – 9 year olds, subtly addresses, with humour, issues such as bullying, disability and prejudice. Friendship and self-belief is at the core of all the books.

The Daily Record listed Badger’s first book at no. 1 in their children’s chart of books with a message and described the books as having: “Pitch Perfect subtlety and wit”

Renowned children’s author, Cathy Cassidy said: “A fun, fast-paced romp of a read for younger readers…terrific stuff!”

The celebrated children’s writer Barry Hutchison who also writes Gnasher in The Beano, said of ‘Badger the Mystical Mutt and the Loch Mess Mystery’ Badger’s eighth and latest book: “Scotland’s most famous monster meets the world’s most magical mutt in a tale that will make you laugh, cheer, and develop a craving ”

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Virgin Organic Cocnut Oil

Coconut Oil

Virgin Organic Coconut Oil

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Protein and Dog Food

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all natural dog food

Why use natural dog food

You would think it common sense to give our beloved pets ‘natural dog food’ all the time. It is nothing more than a natural instinct.

Here at Land of Holistic Pets we consider ourselves a ‘natural dog food company’, through and through.

Ever since we started making our own ‘natural dog food brands’ – Robbie’s and Luath’s – we’ve concentrated on making them natural and healthy. As a consequence we strive to maintain the highest standards and seek to always improve.

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The changing face of dog food

Why is modern dog food the way it is?

Some 40 years ago our family pet dog was fed on the leftovers from the kitchen table and scraps from the butchers which included tripe and sheep heads, we also used the unsold wholemeal bread from the local bakers, garden vegetables that my family used to grow and the odd piece of fish, we even fed rabbits and hares when she was lucky enough to catch them.

I remember once going to the vet but it was because the local GP could not extract the fishing hook from the dog’s ear – the fear of being bitten I think more than anything else.

Society has changed dramatically from those days.

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For thousands of years humans have used herbs in cooking and medicinally.

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Herbs can give relief to underlying health issues and can even sometimes help relieve acute symptoms. Continue reading