New Family Puppy Advice

New Family Puppy Advice

Looking for a new puppy can be an exciting adventure and experience the intally search narrowing your research from what bread, colour, and sex. The choice is endless from rescue dog, breeders of pedigrees visiting breeders possible National Dogs Trust or RSPCA you be starting a journey of an emotional roller coaster. We would recommend reaching out to your local dog rescue center as your first port of call as your big bright-eyed puppy heartthrob could be waiting for your visit. If your choice is a pedigree from a breeder check out the Kennel Club Assured Breeders website.

Don't let your heart rule your head in your journey to choicing your heartthrob of a new best furry family member beware of the scams and hidden pitfalls and dangers. Avoid puppy farms, unregistered breeders and you will need to stay focused on the health and where your puppy is coming from. The list below we highlighted some of these and would advise visiting the National Animal Welfare Trust website and downloading their guide to buying a puppy. You can download and print a copy of this advice sheet at home here.

Considered the following as part of your research before buying a puppy

  • The commitment required for the life of the dog
  • The lifestyle changes and financial impact involved
  • Selecting the right breed for your home environment and exercise levels

Visiting Breeders ask the question below you could be buying from backstreet puppy farmers putting profit before the health and wellbeing of the puppies.

  • Did they breed the puppy and were the puppies born at home?
  • Will you be visiting the puppy at the place where they were born?
  • How many were in the litter and will you be able to see the littermates?
  • Will you be able to see at least the puppy’s mother? (Breeders do use stud dogs so you may not always be able to see the father)
  • Were the parents health screened for any hereditary conditions relevant to that breed and what were the results?
  • Has the mother had any health issues?
  • What is the mother’s temperament like
Visiting puppies checklist
  • Do the premises look reasonably respectable?
  • Are the puppies kept in the house? Normally it is better if they are as they will be used to the normal household sounds. If they are kept in kennels are they clean and are the puppies brought into the house for socialisation time?
  • Are there people around to regularly interact with the puppies?
  • Do the puppies look clean, healthy and bright? Be wary of symptoms like runny eyes or noses, dull, matted or patchy coats, signs of diarrhoea, weakness or wobbliness or a puppy that sits forlornly in the corner.
  • Are the puppies happily interacting with each other and showing that natural puppy curiosity?
  • Have the puppies got plenty to play with?
  • Are the puppies happy to be around and handled by strangers?
  • Where are the puppies going to the toilet? Are they being housetrained?

Good luck in your search for your puppy heartthrob and enjoy years of healthy play and friendship knowing you have made the correct choice. 

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