Protein and Ingredient Manipulation

Protein and ingredient manipulation – what does it mean to us mortals and our dogs?

We are sometimes asked why brown rice is the first ingredient listed in most of our foods, when other companies may list “chicken” or another protein as their first ingredient.

Setting aside for now the important question of how much protein our pets should have, we note that the prominence of protein in some other foods compared with Robbie’s and Luath’s is, unfortunately, simply a matter of what we call ‘ingredient manipulation’.

If manufacturers want to impress consumers with an ingredient list that leads off with ‘chicken’, for example, they can do this in two different ways that do not actually reflect the amount of chicken or increase the percentage of protein in the food. One, they can diversify the grains in the food. For example, if chicken is 25%, use brown rice (20%), white rice (20%), oats (10%), corn (10%), corn gluten meal (10%), and so on. Therefore none of the particular grains need be listed in front of chicken.

Another common practice is to use a chicken slurry that may be up to 80% water, before the food is dried. The manufacturer gets to count the water as ‘chicken’ in the ingredient list, even though, in the end, the protein percentage will tell a different story.

At Land of Holistic Pets we simply refuse to get into the ‘ingredient manipulation game’.

‘Holistic’, ‘Healthy’, ‘Natural’ but how?

Land of Holistic Pets attempts to bring reality to the overused terms Holistic, Healthy, and Natural.

Ultimately, what we can say to pet owners is that Land of Holistic Pets’ foods are products you can feed to your dog or cat and feel comfortable that it will promote health and vitality and certainly ‘Do No Harm.’

All Land of Holistic Pets products meet the following minimum standards:

  • No Beef, Pork, Soy, Wheat or Dairy Products.
  • No Chemical Colors, Flavors or Preservatives.
  • Highly Digestible – Reduced stool volume.
  • No Canola Oil and no GMO ingredients.
  • Suitable for adult dogs and cats of all ages.
  • Quality at an affordable cost.