What is Raw Dog Food

What is Raw Dog Food

Raw dog food has got many names today. It can be called biologically appropriate raw food, a species appropriate diet. Some people call it primordial or just refer to it as a raw meaty bones diet. our the 80-10-10 BARF diet. What we mean when we're talking about raw dog food is it's an unprocessed, uncooked muscle meat, bones, organ meats, and vegetables. You'd usually want to see about 80% of the food being made up from muscle meat and bone, and then organ meat, such as heart, liver, and kidney, and some vegetables like broccoli, sweet carrot being added in as well. And then some things like Salmon oil so that you can really increase the omega-three and six content of the food.

What we really mean by raw dog food diet is it's never it's processed, there are no added chemicals, colouring or preservatives,  and really it's as close as we can get in today's world to what your dog would have eaten in the wild BARF diet. In the wild dogs would eat meat, bones, skin, organs, stomach contents of its prey like rabbits and hares including small rodents and fish which don't eat meat. The wild dogs prey stomach contents would be made up of vegetation, fruit and possible herbs. With the raw BARF diet your looking to mimic this by adding your own fruit and vegetation.

We hope that's been helpful and answered the most common question we are asked. If you do have any other questions or would like more information on our raw dog food range then please do get in touch. We're absolutely happy to talk about dogs and raw dog food all day long.

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