What Healthy Dog Treats Can I Give My Dog

What Healthy Dog Treats Can I Give My Dog

When you look for healthy dog treats at the store, do you go for the processed foods? This could be doing more damage than you think. If you're not careful, this could end up costing more with health fees at the vet.

Don't you want to take care of your pooch? Of course, you do. When you give them nutritional dog treats, they will love you even more for it.

What are these treats you ask? Read our guide below to have your dog in healthy heaven!

Rabbit Ears

Rabbit ears for dogs are a by-product of the rabbit meat industry. Check the packaging to see where they originate from. We recommend going with European-sourced as opposed to China.

Post-harvest, popular methods include air-dried or freeze-dried (with or without hair). Air-dried rabbit ears for dogs have a shelf-life of up to 18 months. For freeze-dried rabbit ears, they are to be stored in a cool dry place for 30 days once opened.

What are the benefits of these healthy dog treats? For one, they are a natural de-wormer. They are also considered natural chews for dogs and maintain good dental health.

If you're looking for dog treats, natural foods like rabbit ears are a great source of protein that helps with allergies and keep muscles healthy.

Fish Sprats

Fish sprats for fogs are small fish about 6-8cm long. You will find most originating from the Baltic Sea. These healthy dog treats will come air-dried, frozen, or minced.

Air-dried sprats are the most popular choice. They are the perfect crunchy, crumbly treat for your best friend. Air-dried fish sprats are dried sans heat and are a great training tool.

Look to frozen or minced fish sprats to incorporate into your dog's raw diet.

One of the benefits of these nutritional dog treats is maintaining and boosting a healthy heart. Their coat will look so shiny too. The itchiness of their skin will diminish as well.

Omega-3, a key fatty acid, is the reason why these benefits exist in these healthy dog treats.

Chicken and Duck Feet

Similar to fish sprats, chicken is known to benefits joint healthy. Glucosamine and chondroitin are common in chicken feet that results in these benefits.

Duck feet are natural chews for dogs too. When chewed on, the bones will crumble but not crack. No gastrointestinal damage will be at risk when consumed.

Deer Antlers

Unlike bones, deer antlers won't splinter. Not only that, but they will last for months on end.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, these healthy dog treats ought to be your go-to. They will also help with dental health. For a low-fat alternative, go with deer antlers.

Healthy Dog Treats Save the Day

Now that you have an idea of what healthy dog treats to offer your four-legged friend, what're you waiting for? Before you give your friend a walk, why not pick up some dog treats?

Your dog will just love you for it and beg for more.

Not sure where to look? Lucky for you, you're in the right place. View our puppy products here!

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