Three Benefits to Natural Dog Treats & Chews

Three Benefits to Natural Dog Treats & Chews

Three very important reasons why you should let your dog chew and encourage them to chew appropriately. So before we get into reasons why we shouldn't let our dogs chew, let's first discuss what defines a long term to a chew is going to be something that should both tastes great and hold your dog's attention for more than 10 minutes. Now, there are two different kinds of long-term choose a digestible chew and a nondigestible one, a digestible chew is going to be any chew that can be eaten. And through digestion, be converted into compounds that can be absorbed and utilized by the body. For example, a bully beef stick or a cow dried ear would be considered digestible long-term chew, for instance, a bone made of nylon or a wooden stick would be an example of a non-digestible chew. So now that we know what a long-term digestible chew is, let's find out why we should incorporate these into our dog's lives. Reason. Number one, chewing is a natural behaviour and dogs chew for a variety of reasons. We know this because observation shows us this, I mean, leave any dog to their own devices and undoubtedly, they will get into something they shouldn't. We've all known dogs that chew on sticks outside and though this may seem natural it isn't, they're just substituting behaviour that would have been exhibited when breaking down their prey. As a side, wooden sticks are not safe for dogs, and you should never allow your dog to chew on them or play throw and fetch as they can puncture different areas of the mouth and could potentially cause damage to their digestive system. Now, having said that I'm a big advocate of using digestible natural dog chews specifically. Those are our natural and in lines with a carnivore diet like beef bully sticks, deer or lambs, trachea's animal parts that a dog would have won in the wild in nature, dogs are hunters and scavengers and instinctively. They chew on parts of their prey as well as valid parts from animals that have been left behind. I think of deer antlers that have been naturally shed through the change of seasons or even parts that other creatures might have left behind. Now, these parts provide a variety of different nutrients from vitamins trace minerals, minerals, with a lot of importance like calcium and even macronutrients like protein.
Of course, it depends on what chew you're delivering or giving your dog as to what nutrients they'll be getting and addiction chewing naturally increases their overall wellbeing. This is because when a dog chews, it releases serotonin and dopamine, two very important neurotransmitters in the brain that support mental health. And that promotes that feel good. Dogs in every stage of life benefit from Chewing and long-term choose, it can be especially helpful for those in their puppy stage. Not only can it help with the transition from being removed from their litter puppies, but it can also help with teething and relieving the pain and discomfort that comes from teeth growing in and those falling out chewing is also a really good way to beat boredom, which brings us to the second reason to provide long-term choice to your dog chewing which promotes mental stimulation.
When your dog is mentally stimulated, they are actively engaged in the task at hand, it is said that a dog will tire faster from mental activity than from physical activity. Now I'm not encouraging you to stop walking your dog or giving them physical exercise, but think how helpful this information is on rainy days or on those few times when you're unable to take them on a walk or play ball with them outside. The reason for this is because the act of chewing requires concentration. It tires your dog faster because they have to determine so many variables like, how am I going to eat this? What do I have to navigate around? How am I going to choose which side of my mouth am I going to use? You know, all of this is going on in their brain as they enjoy their natural air dried chew.

Things that engage their brain and remember when I mentioned chewing getting boredom, well, how can you be bored if you're occupied with a task of chewing, something that you really enjoy? The third reason that we should encourage chewing is that it promotes dental health. And this is probably the most important in my eyes. When a dog chews, it promotes the production of saliva in the mouth and it helps to flush away any bacteria that might've built up in the mouth. Now, this is the same bacteria that is responsible for bad breath and is directly related to cardiovascular health. Chewing is also great for dental health because it decreases plaque and tartar buildup in the wild dogs would eat the elastic muscle tissue and the bones of their prey, which would provide a natural brushing effect on their teeth and domesticated dogs aren't eating this type of food that provides this natural brushing effect.
So these chews can fill this void in their diet and can help remove the plaque and tartar by scraping against the teeth and removing the debris. In addition to that, when your dog is chewing, they are exercising their jaw muscles, which helps promote job on health. And as I mentioned earlier, it also helps with puppies and the teething stage to learn how to appropriately and how to promote those baby teeth to fall out in a natural way and one that's less painful. So the more you can encourage chewing you promote salivation and decrease the potential for plaque and tartar for building up the better your dog's overall health is going today. So now that you know how great appropriate chewing can be for your dogs, how often do you let them chill? Technically you could allow your dog to chew daily depending on which long-term shoe you are giving them.

If a natural chew is high in calories, mind you, you would want to limit the frequency to only a few times a week. But at minimum, I would highly recommend that everyone incorporate at least one longterm chew session into their dog's weekly diet. So what do you need to do? Well? That's the easy part. Dogs know how to chew instinctively. They noticed are chewing on something that they find desirable. So if you give your dog an antler or a bully stick, or a horn or raw Marable, whatever they find desirable, they will start to chip. They just know what to do, but what do you have to do that really is the question. You have to ensure that your dog is enjoying their chew treat in a safe manner. Obviously, you never want to leave your dog with anything that is edible if you are not in the room to supervise, even if your dog is one that you think will not swallow something inappropriately and by inappropriately, I mean swallow something without chewing it first, you never know how much your dog may swallow. That may cause a potential choking hazard or a potential for obstruction so you should always be in the room just in case. You could even take it one step further to ensure your dog enjoys their tasty chew treat safely there have been a few devices that have come on the market that provide a safe way for you to encourage your dog, to chew on a treat chew while we've been all the benefits of such while being safe. Naturally air-dried meat bully sticks are a dog's favourite. I've never met a dog that doesn't like a bully stick. Here's the problem with the bully stick is that they love them so much that when they get down to that last one to two inches, most dogs no longer have the ability to use their paws to hold the stick in place to continue chewing. So instead they put the entire last bit into their mouth and chew or swallow, which leads to a potential for a choking hazard. As we discussed, if they swallow it in full, there have been many dogs that have swallowed the last one to two inches. And what that does is again, lead to the potential for a choking hazard or intestinal obstruction.
Whenever you're buying natural dog treats and chews, you want to buy the appropriate size long-term shoe for your dog always buy the size that is recommended for your dog's weight and chewing style. Now, if you have a 2o kilo dog, you should not be buying them something that has only three inches long, expecting it to be a long last chew. That is something they will put in their mouth immediately as they won't be able to grab it with their paws and it may lead to a potential hazard.
You know, how three phenomenal reasons as to why you should promote appropriate chewing with your dog and making that a part of their weekly regimen to promote overall wellbeing, dental, health, mental stimulation, and to support their natural instincts for chewing.
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