Robbie's Cuisine & Allergies

Robbie's Cuisine & Allergies

Jasper, a chocolate working cocker spaniel living in Scotland, always had a silky smooth coat and beautiful long eyelashes. As Jasper reached around 6 months his owners started to notice some hair loss around his eyes. Still in contact with their breeders, they checked photos of Jaspers mum and dad, noticing one of them also seemed to have less hair around their eyes. They found this to be a common appearance with chocolate cocker spaniels so assumed this was just normal changes as he developed. 

One day they noticed Jasper scratching away at his eyes and didn't want to stop. They soon noticed that the skin around Jaspers eye was crusty and bleeding from all the scratching. They then monitored Jasper to stop him from scratching it further until they could go see the vet.

The local vet examined Jasper and advised it was most likely allergies and he had conjunctivas. A steroid injection was given, some daily eye drops and back out the door Jasper scurried. 

Allergies cured by holistic hypoallergenic dog food


A couple of days later, the scratching had stop and the skin around his eye began to heal. However the baldness remained. It didn't last long however and all the symptoms were back. Reluctantly Jasper went back to the vet but was met by an energetic and friendly vet who put Jasper at ease. He checked him over but the diagnosis was the same, allergies. But to rule out any other issues he wanted to take some skin scrapings and also from his belly where he noticed some areas with small rashes developing.

Results came back, and the tests showed up negative for anything like mange. The vet advised the next option, a potentially costly one, was to go for allergy testing. Alternatively we could try identifying if it was something he was allergic to in his food or surroundings.

Jaspers owners took on the challenge of identifying what may be causing the problem, and decided to try switching his food. While looking at options they began researching dog food and ingredients. They were shocked to learn the process of making kibble, cooked at high temperatures that remove the majority of key nutrients your dog needs. It was also full of fillers dogs don't need such as corn and gluten grains.

They tried a couple of different brands and none appeared to help. That was when they found a recommendation for Robbie's Holistic Cuisine. Robbie's is made using all natural dehydrated ingredients, all suitable for humans to eat. Very little nutrients are lost when food is dehydrated, and removes the moisture making it a great way to preserve fresh food. Feeding your dog a fresh diet has been and shown to not only keep your dog healthy but treat and prevent skin allergies and other health issues. Robbie's is a complete high-quality nutrient-rich dog food.

Once Jasper tried the Salmon and Sweet Potato he was obsessed. He dances around waiting for his dinner to be ready. Robbie's requires hot water to be added to rehydrate the food. Adding hot water to food can help owners struggling with a fussy eater as the steam increases the scent making it more appealing to the dog. Once the food has cooled and been stirred throughly Jasper is chasing his dish around the kitchen floor, licking up every last bit.

Sweet potato is great for dogs, and have a range of health benefits. High in dietary fibre, they are great for digestive health as well as being low in fat. Eating fibre on a regular basis lowers the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancers.

Within a couple of weeks of eating Robbie's Jaspers hair was growing back around his eye. 

Jaspers now back to being his usual happy self and doesn't have to worry about any itchy skin.

Try out Robbie's Holistic Cuisine's Salmon and Sweet Potato here.

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