Recall Tips on Training your Dog.

Recall Tips on Training your Dog.

Some tips and advice about recall training for your dog. If you only teach one thing to your dog, make sure it's a good recall. This will allow your dog to safely enjoy all the things that he loves doing, running around, sniffing, doing all the things that dogs like to do, but it also means that you've got to call him back for whatever reason you know you have the confidence to control your dog's behaviour in public or in and around your home.
So recall, this is really, really important to get, right? It's essentially the ability to be able to call your dog back to you in any situation. This can be when you're having fun or when you're training or in an emergency like your dog is running towards something scary or dangerous. So to get started this off you need to decide what word or sound you're going to use. The great thing about this is there are no hard and fast rules you can use a word like come or here you can use a sound the most powerful is to use a high pitched noise but it doesn't matter it's up to you, but once you decide on what that signal is going to be, you then need to forge a very strong association between the sound noise and some really fantastic rewarding things which are going to make it irresistible for your dog, not to run straight towards you and like all things in dog training it takes time and practice, but it's definitely worth something investing in.

So to get started we would recommend starting doing is a little bit of both methods some food and a dog toy. Get some lovely tasty dog treats in your bum bag and get your dogs favourite toy. So to begin with getting going and get your dog interested in you, then start to say the word come sit. Once your dog responds use verbal rewards saying yes good boy for example. And in response, give your dog some of the tasty dog treats preferable natural dog treats. Now back away from your dog which puts some distance between you both. Now that gives you another opportunity call out to your dog to come sit followed by a good boy. Now you repeat the call him back and to reward him again remember to tell your dog, good boy.

Now try throwing his favourite toy but this time give it a bit more distance between you and your dog. Now call your dog back with the command come sit and your thinks something interesting going on over and back he comes good boy reward with a treat and good boy. You must use the right rewards because if you're going to use boring food and treats or you're not going to use a toy that interests your dog, there's a possibility that surrounding sounds and smells will distractions with your training and , your dog may not want to come back to you on command.
Now try throwing his favourite toy one out again and this time calling your dog back you are going to make it a bit more exciting. Call out the command come sit. and repeat good boy, good boy, good boy. Make hand moments that encourage your dog and build excitement and a high level of interest. A good tip is to over exaggerate the hand and body movements. Something else that's important to do is to mix it up and put the lead on every now and then, so that putting the lead on, doesn't always signify the end of the walk or end to fun.

We recommend buying good quality tasty dog treats that are naturally  dried meats some are available for training like our Robbie's training treats ideal for puppy training treats and smaller toy dogs due their size.

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